Upholstery Cleaning


Is your beautiful, upholstered couch starting to look uninviting, old or discolored? If you answered yes, there is no need to worry… All American Carpet & Floor Cleaning has got you covered! Many people fail to realize the importance of getting your upholstered furniture pieces professionally cleaned. Like carpet, upholstery can house just as many harmful pollutants and allergens; that is why it is extremely important to have a professionally trained technician routinely clean them. These pollutants can be released into your home every time you sit down!

While you may see upholstered furniture cleaning products in stores, nothing can compare to the deep clean All American Carpet & Floor Cleaning can provide. With highly trained technicians, competitive pricing and top-of-the-line equipment, let us show you how we can improve the appearance of your upholstered furniture while extending its life at the same time! You’ll love the look of your upholstery, again – we guarantee it.


Pet Stains & Odor

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Spot & Stains

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