Tile & Grout Cleaning


Another service offered by All American Carpet & Floor Cleaning is tile and grout cleaning. Even though it’s commonly overlooked, it is very important. Your kitchen floors, bathroom floors and showers probably experience quite a lot of foot traffic, causing the grout to appear much darker than before. This darker appearance is caused by a build-up of all kinds of different contaminants such as: mold, mildew, cooking grease, debris, grime, bacteria, etc. These contaminants can leave your tile & grout looking dirty and lack the luster they once had.

    With superior equipment and cleaning methods, All American Carpet & Floor Cleaning can bring the shine back to your tile & grout surfaces! We start with a strong cleaning solution to help break apart and loosen contaminants that cling to your grout. Our trained technicians then use professional cleaning equipment to deeply clean and remove all the loosened grime. Once completely clean, we use powerful airmovers to ensure a speedy dry time and leave your tile & grout looking brand new! 

View some before and after photos & videos below from some of our highly satisfied customers!

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