How can I maintain my new carpet warranty?

In most cases it will require professional cleaning every 12-18 months. Read the warranty information for your carpet. Be sure to choose a method the manufacture suggests or requires. Vacuum frequently with a properly working vacuum. Blot up spills promptly.

How should I prepare for your arrival?

Remove all small things you can from the rooms you want cleaned, such as small rugs, magazines, kids toys, etc. breakables from the tops of any furniture you will be requesting us to move.

Do you move furniture?

We do ask that you remove as much of the smaller items as possible so that we can focus on the actual cleaning. We can move some large pieces of furniture that can’t be removed from the room. We only move the furniture far enough to clean under it. We then replace it, placing it on plastic tabs, or special styrofoam blocks to protect the furniture and carpet during the dry process. Some beds, pianos, entertainment centers, bookshelves, etc may not be safely moved, but can be cleaned around with no problems.

Should I vacuum before you arrive?

Vacuuming your carpet before carpet cleaning isn’t always necessary but it will help if your carpet has a lot of loose debris or pet hair.

Will you remove ALL spots and stains?

We do our best to remove all of the spots and stains but it is sometimes not possible due to the staining material. We keep our truck stocked with spotters for all type of stains. It is helpful to know the source of the stain, but not always required. We pride ourselves on not just being a great carpet cleaner, but a difficult stain removing professional.

Is the carpet damp after cleaning?

Yes, our hot water extraction cleaning process does leave some moisture in the carpet. Typical dry time is between 6 and 12 hours, depending on the airflow in the home, condition and style of carpet being cleaned.

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

The weather plays a role in dry times. When the humidity is high it will take a longer time to dry then if the weather is dry and warm. In most cases 6-12 hours. Ceiling fans, floor fans such as box fans can really speed up the drying process. On a warm dry day open windows will help as well as turning your central heat fan “ON” from the “AUTO” setting. This will circulate air though out the house.

Should I turn up the heater to speed drying time?

It is not necessary to turn your heat up unless the weather is extremely cold. The best temperature is usually between 65 & 70 degrees.

Can I walk on the carpet after cleaning?

It is important to minimize use of the carpet until dry, but light use during the drying process is fine. It is completely safe to walk on the carpet as long as you’re feet or shoes are clean. Also for the first few hours of drying you need to take care walking from damp carpet onto hard surfaces to avoid slipping.

Are there any hidden charge?

No. The two things we charge extra for: (1) If the rooms are over 200sqft and combo rooms such as living room and dining room are together as one big room), (2) if you have heavily soiled carpets. It requires a lot more cleaning product, steps and labor.

Is carpet protector important?

Absolutely important. Carpet protector surrounds your carpet fibers that keeps drink spills from penetrating the dye sites and making spills easier to remove and clean, prevents soils and foreign matter sticking to the fibers and makes vacuuming easier and more effective, it extends the life of your carpets and premature damage to the fibers.